Interview with the owner of The Centimeter Restaurant.

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Interview with the owner of The Centimeter Restaurant.


The owner of the German Restaurant "The Centimeter" chatted with me about the history of some of the dishes he serves as well as his decision making about what to put on his menu.

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Interview with Hans Centi, owner of the Centimeter Restaurant
September 6, 2017

Hans has been in the restaurant business for 12 years and has owned this particular restaurant for the past 7 years. He got into the business because he was raised in a family of cooks. He loved helping his mother in the kitchen when he was younger. He also saw how important food was in creating a feeling of family.

How have things changed? Over the past 12 years, a lot has changed in the restaurant business, but not as much in the menu ……

What is your favorite dish?......

How do you go about deciding if you should put something on the menu?....

What do you think the food you serve says something about Austrian culture?......

It was interesting to talk with Hans. He was very friendly and seemed to enjoy talking about his business. It was a little difficult to talk with him since the bar was getting busy and he kept yelling at his servers to get things. The most interesting thing I learned about food and culture was how so many Austrians really enjoy the very traditional foods—it doesn’t seem like it have changed much for the turn of the last century. Part of that may be due to how important history is to this country.


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