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Alyssa: School Systems

A Comparison between the primary and secondary school systems in German-speaking countries (Germany and Austria) and Ireland. 

Ike: Immigration

I will be comparing the issues related to immigration between the countries of Germany and Poland. This study will focus on current government policies relating to immigration along with how it affects the economic state of each given country. In addition, the feelings and opinions of citizens about the issue will be discussed.

Lindsey: Libraries

A comparison of the use of technology between the Austrian National Library and the National Central Library in Rome.

Luke: Retail

For my comparative culture project I will be comparing the retail industries of Germany and Italy. I will focus on the consumer habits, structural differences, and economic importance that the retail market has within each of these two cultures. Lastly, I will look at the impact of family owned businesses within Italy, and how marketing is used to attract natives, other Europeans, and foreign tourists.

Hannah: Women's Roles

I will be doing a comparative analysis on women's roles between Austrian/ German culture and Irish. Specifically looking at their roles in business and home settings.

Drew: Education

I will be comparing the education systems between the countries of Austria and Poland. I will take and in depth look at the similarities and differences of these two cultures surrounding this subject.

Clare: Mental Illness

I will be comparing how mental illnesses are perceived within Austrian and Irish Culture. 

Andrea: Alcohol

A comparison of Germany and Italy in regards to their approaches to alcohol. 

Zach: Immigration

For my cultural comparative project I will be looking at immigration in Austria and Ireland. I will be comparing both countries goverment policies regarding immigration. I will also be comparing how the general public views immigration in Austria and Ireland.