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Sebastian: Retail Small vs. Large companies

For my Project I will be examinning how large International businesses effect smaller European businesses. I will look into What kind of business tactics each scale of business takes form the other while also evaluating the difference in how each of the stores is run and layed out. 

Carmen: Hospitality

I will be exploring and comparing the hospitality industries of both Austria and Italy in order to understand how people react to outsiders in the hospitality industry. I will also focus on what role communication has within the hospitality industry on customer satisfaction.

Madison C: The perception and function of the Church

Looking at church denomination and how it affects the way the public views the church in Vienna and Ireland

Marissa: Childrearing in Europe

This project will compare childrearing practices in Austria and Ireland with a specific focus on parenting styles and how parents discipline their children differently.

Josh - Tourism

A look into tourism on a culture 

Mallory: Smoking and Drinking

I will be comparing social practices in Austria and Poland. This study will focus on how the practices of smoking and drinking can vary from culture to culture and the reasons behind it. How they might be different between Poland and Austria as well as how they are similar. 

Autumn: Architecure

A compartive analysis of architecture's effect on its respective culture.

Cecily: Body Image

A look at how men and women view their bodies and how they act because of their perception. 

Lydia: Christmas

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Welcome to this examination of Christmas in Austria and Italy where I will compare the celebrations, traditions, and cultural implications of a European Christmas.